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Sample-Based Observation (SBO)​​​ 2017

Phnom Penh, 22 June 2017

Press Release: Preliminary National Voter Turnout and Vote Share of the TI Cambodia’s Sample Based Observation

TI Cambodia’s sample-based observation estimates the final national-level voter turnout figure to be between 89.7% and 90.7%. TI Cambodia estimates the final national-level vote share for CPP to be between 47.9% and 50.9%, and the national vote share for CNRP to be between 41.8% and 44.6%.

Phnom Penh, 5 June 2017

Preliminary Statement on Cambodia’s 2017 Commune Elections


On 4 June 2017, TI Cambodia deployed 1,051 trained and accredited non-partisan election observers to observe the 2017 commune/sangkat council elections. This included 35 supervisors; 822 observers deployed to a random, representative sample of 411 sample polling stations in all 25 provinces to carry out a sample-based observation (SBO); and 200 observers at all 100 of the polling stations in three communes in Phnom Penh, Svay Rieng and Siem Reap provinces. SBO is an advanced election observation methodology, used worldwide, that draws on proven statistics to allow election observers to present an accurate and comprehensive assessment of the election day process.

Since 2002, regular commune/sangkat council elections have become a critical part of Cambodian democracy. The elections ensure the people of Cambodia can exercise their right to choose their local leadership. The integrity of this choice, however, depends both on the integrity of the electoral process and its overall political context.

Based on the findings of TI-Cambodia’s observation, election day for the 2017 commune/sangkat council elections was administered in a peaceful, efficient and transparent manner. Polling procedures were followed overall, with minimal irregularities, allowing voters to cast their ballots with little interference. However, the pre-election period, including increased legislative pressures on civil society and political parties and the threatening rhetoric may have impacted the electoral environment to some extent. For further information please visit

Preliminary Statement

download Preliminary Statement on Cambodia’s 2017 Commune Elections

Phnom Penh, 4 June 2017

Press Release: Preliminary Findings on Commune Elections Voting ProcessCommune Elections Voting Process goes Smoothly with Minor Irregularities

Press Release: Opening of the Polling Stations: Opening of the Polling Stations went Smoothly and In Compliance with NEC Rules and Regulations



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