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As one of the chapters participated in the 20 Transparency International National coordinated by TI Australia, TI Cambodia works closely with other CSOs to promote transparency and accountability in approving mining licenses to explorers/miners (individuals, companies). TI Cambodia plays an increased role in coordinating collaborative trans-organization advocacy to drive normative, policy and behavioural change for greater accountability of governments and companies to sustainable mining sector.

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Overview of Phase I Achievements

In Phase I of the Mining for Sustainable Development Programme (M4SD), TI-Cambodia conducted a corruption risk assessment of the mineral exploration licencing process in Cambodia. The study was done in consultation with the Extractive Industry Governance Forum (EIGF), a multi-stakeholder platform initiated by the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) and established in late 2016. The platform is composed of representatives from the MME, Industry, and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). At the launch of the report, the MME, the head of the Cambodian Association for Mineral Exploration Companies, and leaders of CSO groups acknowledged and endorsed the corruption risks identified in the report and committed to addressing those risks under the joint framework of the EIGF.

Project Objectives in Phase II (2018-2021)

  1. Improved processes for the evaluation of mining exploration license applications
  2. The Cambodian Government commits to and implements improved meaningful community consultation and participation in mineral licensing processes
  3. Enhanced access to information for mining affected communities and increased capacity for community participation in licensing procedures
  4. Strengthened socio-economic policy dialogues on the mining sector through the Extractive Industry Governance Forum (EIGF).

These are also the priority areas which the EIGF agreed to address in Phase II. The achievement of these ambitious objectives will require both political will and close collaboration with all relevant stakeholders.

Participants Chapters

Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana,  Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Madagascar, Mexico,  Mongolia, Papa New Guinea, Peru, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe


  • Cambodia’s Mineral Exploration Licensing Process: Governance Risk Assessment
  • Cambodia Mining License Process Map
  • MACRA Tool
  • Combating Corruption in Mining License approval


Mr. RA Chanroat

Programme Manager, BIP Programme                                                    


The MACRA Tool fills this gap by helping users to identify and assess the underlying causes of corruption in mining sector awards – the risks...
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