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TI Cambodia is an accredited National Chapter of Transparency International which has headquarters in Berlin, Germany. TI Cambodia’s Bylaw provides basic principles regarding individual and institutional membership. In order for TI Cambodia to become a local social movement in the fight against corruption, it must become a membership based organisation. TI Cambodia will serve as an example by applying democratic principles of accountability, openness, integrity and empowering its members to participate in the strategic decision-making process of TI Cambodia.

Accredited National Chapters account for at least two-thirds of the voting power at Transparency International Annual Membership Meetings. Thus, there is a strong mutual accountability between the Board of Directors of TI and the National Chapters. This necessitates a careful procedure to ensure that National Chapters are, and remain, in compliance with all the basic principles of TI. Similarly, there is a need for a procedure to ensure that Individual Members also at all times comply with all the basic principles of TI.

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