Public Sector Engagement and Reform Programme

Goal 1: Support public institutions’ capacity development and reforms in order to establish and strengthen integrity systems, promote good governance and fight corruption.

Corruption has been a great impediment to the democratic process and development of Cambodia. Realising the issue, the government has made a number of efforts into curbing corruption including the passing of Anti-Corruption Law, the establishment of anti- corruption agencies, and notably the recent state institutional reforms. TI Cambodia is committed to supporting public institutions and their reforms through capacity development in order for them to effectively strengthen integrity, promote good governance and fight corruption.

School of Good Governance
In partnership with the Ministry of Interior, TI Cambodia provides technical support in the establishment of the ministry’s School of Good Governance. TI Cambodia will enhance the capacity and expertise of the School of Good Governance’s trainers and equip them with tools to enable them to further train public officials at the national and sub-national levels on good governance, social accountability, integrity and anti-corruption.

Policy and Legal Framework Reform
In partnership with key institutions, TI Cambodia together with CSO technical working groups will continue to enhance constructive dialogue with existing partners to advocate for the passing of Law on Access to Information and Whistleblower Protection Act, and amendments to existing core legislation including Anti-Corruption Law and Law on the Organisation of the Courts, the Law on the Status of Judges and Prosecutors and the Law on the Organisation and Functioning of the Supreme Council of the Magistracy.

National Assembly’s Commission 10
National Assembly’s Commission 10 plays a crucial role in overseeing the enforcement of the Anti-Corruption Law. For this reason, TI Cambodia will support the Commission 10 in its capacity development through training and workshops, and provide technical expertise in developing anti-corruption guidelines and manuals for the Commission.

Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC)
ALAC has been an integral part of TI Cambodia strategy for empowering people to make and file complaints concerning corruption. The purpose of the ALAC is to provide legal advice and assistance to victims and witnesses of corruption and help citizens pursue corruption-related complaints.

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