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Citizen and Youth Empowerment programme

Goal 3: Empower people to fight corruption and promote integrity individually and collectively.

Building upon on our existing youth network and past citizen engagement activities, we will now seek to:

  • Empower citizen, especially youth, to take concrete action at the community and grassroots levels organising them into community-based groups with proper structures and building their capacity on various social accountability tools/initiatives so that they can further engage their peers to take concrete action individually and collectively.

Those activities may include citizen monitoring of community development projects, infrastructure construction, forestry management, public service delivery, teachers’ performance, auditing expenditures at the commune-level, etc.

Citizen and Youth Engagement Initiatives
Engaging citizen and youth to take action against corruption has always been one of the main focuses of TI Cambodia work. TI Cambodia will continue to empower and equip potential young leaders with knowledge and tools for them to promote integrity and engage in the fight against corruption through Young Professional Leadership Programme and youth camps. Moreover, TI Cambodia will make use of social media such as Facebook and YouTube to reach out to more people across the country.