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Public Sector Engagement and Coalition Building Programme

1. Enhanced public service delivery at national and sub-national levels

  • Improved capacity of public officials at national level and of One Window Service (OWS) Officials at provincial and district levels to provide public services more effectively. Build the capacity of officials of the Ministry of Interior, One Window Service Unit and Office (OWSU/O) and commune councils on procedures and principles of democratic governance, transparency, accountability and Gender Responsive Public Services (GRPS) in order for them to be able to provide their services more effectively and in a transparent and inclusive manner.
  • Increased access to complaint handling mechanisms on public service delivery, particularly gender responsiveness, at local level and newly created spaces for communicating feedbacks and dialogues on improving public service implementation. Strengthen the capacity of the Department of Function and Resources and the Ombudsman Office to handle and respond to complaints on public services more effectively.

2. Increased public understanding and demand for fiscal transparency and accountability

  • Increased access to information and evidence on fiscal issues. Produce evidence and information on fiscal transparency and accountability.
  • Improved coordination and capacity of Budget Working Group (BWG). Enhance coordination and capacity of BWG to engage meaningfully in the PFM Reform process
  • Improved youth discussions, debates and actions on fiscal issues. Enhance knowledge and understanding among youth and empower them to take actions on fiscal issues.
  • Improved participation and coordination of budget preparation and monitoring at sub-national administration. Strengthen capacity of sub-national administration and citizens on budget process and management and foster constructive dialogues on budget transparency and monitoring.
  • Enhanced coordination and capacity of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Working Group. Coordinate meetings among OGP working group members and attend events organised OGP Head Quarter and partners.

3. Strengthened effectiveness of alternative reporting mechanisms on corruption cases through the Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC) and enhanced the anti-corruption legal and regulatory frameworks

  • Legal services and advice are provided to citizens to report corruption and other cases to relevant authorities. Provide legal advice and operate ALAC’s Complaint Handling Mechanism
  • Relevant anti-corruption legal and regulatory frameworks drafted, adopted and or amended in partnership with relevant stakeholders and government institutions. Enhance the anti-corruption legal and regulatory frameworks.
  • Capacity of stakeholders including the government, CSOs, media and businesses enhanced on key anti-corruption legal and regulatory frameworks. Enhance capacity of government officials, youth, CSOs, media and businesses on anti-corruption law and other legal frameworks.