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Press Release: Opening of the Polling Stations

Opening of the Polling Stations went Smoothly and In Compliance with NEC Rules and Regulations

Phnom Penh, 4 June 2017 – On June 4, TI Cambodia deployed 1,051 trained and accredited non-partisan citizen observers. This includes 35 supervisors; 822 observers deployed to a random, representative sample of 411 sample polling stations in all 25 provinces to carry out a sample-based observation (SBO); and 200 observers at all 100 of the polling stations in three communes in Phnom Penh, Svay Rieng and Siem Reap provinces. SBO is an advanced election observation methodology, used worldwide, that draws on proven statistics to allow election observers to present an accurate and comprehensive assessment of the election day process.

Overall, as of 10 a.m., nearly all observed polling stations opened on time, with all the necessary critical materials, and Polling Station Committee (PSC) members present. Thus, TI Cambodia reports that the integrity of the set-up and opening processes has been maintained thus far.

Summary of Polling Station Set-up and Opening Processes

With reports received from 100% of TI Cambodia’s sampled polling stations, TI Cambodia has summarized its preliminary findings below.

By 7 a.m., 100% of TI Cambodia’s observers reported that they were permitted to enter the polling station.

  • 88% of polling stations opened on time.
  • 95% of polling stations had 6 PSC members present.
  • At the time of opening, 99.8% of polling stations had representatives from the political parties’ present. Among polling stations where party agents were present, 94% had CPP party agents present, and 94% had CNRP party agents present, and 46% of polling stations had other political party agents present.
  • 88% of polling stations had other CSO observers present during setup and opening.
  • 98% had all critical materials present at the time of the polling station opening.
  • In 99.8% of polling stations the ballot box was shown to be empty, sealed, and placed in public view before the start of voting.
  • 95% of polling stations did not have campaign materials present within 100 meters outside of the polling station.
  • 59% of polling stations were not accessible to people with wheelchairs.

Download both  Khmer and English Press Release-opening process.