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Young Role Models Anti-Corruption Fellowship in Malaysia

This exchange program is to support youths to have more experience after they attend training at Transparency International Cambodia. The training was divided into two — two weeks in Cambodia and another two weeks in Malaysia. The training is about anti-corruption, good governance, transparency and integrity in Cambodia. For the two weeks in Malaysia, the youths will experience learning from high profile NGOs working in human rights, environmental issue, and how these NGOs work to fight against corruption in Malaysia. They also collaborate with TI Cambodia with what they have learnt from the NGOs.

During the visit, the five youths went to high-profile institutions such as Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission, Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism, Malaysian Youth Council, Teohbenghock Trust for Democracy and Baramkini. After the visiting, they had to work on what they have learnt from the visiting and bring back to Cambodia by doing internships at Transparency International Cambodia for 6 months.


There are five Cambodian youths whom were selected to attend these two trainings. They were selected from around hundreds of applicants. The five youths come from different universities in Phnom Penh – TIM Sovannarong, 1st year student majoring in Economics at The University of Cambodia, HUY Panhavorn, 2nd year student majoring in International Relations at The University of Cambodia, LEANG Pisey, a graduate majoring in International Studies at Institute of Foreign Languages, MECH Thida, 2nd year student majoring in Economics at Panhasastra University of Cambodia, and CHI Lymeng, 4th year student majoring International Studies at Institute of Foreign Languages.

Let’s hear from them what they have learnt from the fellowship!

[Mr. TIM Sovannarong]

This is a great pleasure to have the opportunity of joining this auspicious fellowship. Through this journey, I hope to help others broaden perspectives as well as realizing and renormalizing these injustices so that we can work together as positive role models. Doing what is right helps society to develop sustainably. Lastly, to all my friends, I thoroughly believe that we will be able to use our leadership to inspire the next generation to stand up for corruption-free and determination to take positive action in their communities.”


[Mr. HUY Panhavorn]

This is a fabulous opportunity which was provided by Transparency International Cambodia to me to learn and gain new knowledge and experiences on many topics, especially corruption. I have gained knowledge that university can’t give and what reality really is. I believe that this knowledge and experience in this program is crucial to apply in our nation.”


[Ms. LEANG Pisey]

Throughout the Fellowship program of TI Cambodia, I have been to organizations and institutions working on human rights, environment, anti-corruption and business; hence, I have had ideas about status quo in Malaysia, the struggling life of NGOs working towards law amendment and fair election along with how business corporates can participate in anti-corruption process. This study tour is so beneficial with opportunity for meeting specialized people and exchange ideas for future improvement in our own nation.”

leang pisey

[Ms. MECH Thida]

I really love this training. Not only studying, but it’s also a good time for me to learn and know many fantastic people who are really inspiring. It has opened up my knowledge broadly. I have learnt a lot from this program such as the situation in Malaysia and some solutions that have been undertaken by the government and many NGOs to deal with these issues. So far, it has built up my confidence and my critical thinking to look deeper into the issues in order to find the solution to handle and reflect back to Cambodia. I don’t have too much recommendation, but I just want to grab everyone attention, especially youths “we should do what we believe in” and contribute to the country because we are the future of the country. Quote “Education has opened up my views and lead to change”.


[Mr. CHI Lymeng]

Participating in this Transparency Fellowship program for two weeks in Malaysia, I personally think that it is a very useful and very intensive program for us as undergraduate students from different university backgrounds. For me, I have learnt a lot from this well-organized event by Transparency International Cambodia, a local Non-Governmental Organization, establishing aim at supporting government against corruption at all level. We, the delegates, went to various institutions and organizations in Malaysia to learn from them on the purpose of creating such institutions and how they carry out their mandate as well as how they perform their work based on the structures, principles, functions and policies of each institution. I am committed to contribute as much as I possibly can to my community, society and country as a whole with everything I have been observing and learning during these two weeks in the second most developed country in South East Asia, Malaysia.”