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Bribespot: Track and Report Bribes in One Click

Have you ever been forced to pay a bribe? Bribespot allows you to pinpoint your encounters with public officials easily and anonymously, using either the mobile app or the website. Reports are then instantly mapped out online via Google maps.

You can:

  • Report bribes requested/paid: where, to what public official and how much money was involved
  • Explore stories of bribery reported near you
  • Search for reports in specific locations
  • Help identify corruption hotspots and devise effective measures of tackling petty bribery

It’s safe. Bribespot has taken every possible step to protect the users’ identity and ensure confidentiality. There is no registration – no personal data or IP address is collected or stored by Bribespot and possible mechanisms are in place to ensure that information cannot be tracked back to users.

How to use Bribespot App

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