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Report: Corruption Perceptions in Cambodia SMES

Perceptions of Corruption on Cambodian SMEs

Report: Corruption Perceptions in Cambodia SMES

Report: Corruption Perceptions in Cambodia SMES

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Create DateMay 4, 2016
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Small and Medium Enterprises in Cambodia are faced with corrupt practices at all stages of their life including during the registration process and in doing their business on a day-to-day basis. This research aimed at collecting business community’s perception on corruption by (i) describing the environment in which businesses operate, especially the legal framework and the functioning of institutions relevant to businesses; (ii) identifying and analysing the different ways in which companies experience corruption and the impacts of corruption on them; (iii) assessing the reaction/response of businesses regarding corruption and the existence of specific policies or practices; and finally, (iv) containing policy recommendations on how SMEs and the Government can tackle corruption.

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