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Resolutions of the 2023 Annual Membership Meeting

Transparency International Cambodia

Friday, 28th April 2023 from 13:00 to 19:00pm

The second Annual Membership Meeting (AMM) of Transparency International Cambodia (TI Cambodia) was held on Friday, 28th April 2023  at Champei Garden Restaurant. The meeting was attended by members from various parts of the country, who came together to review the activities and strategies of the organization in the past year, discuss the challenges we have faced, and chart a course for the future. The meeting was presided over by Ms. Pok Bopha Marina, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of TI Cambodia. After a thorough deliberation, with a view to continue to reduce corruption and promote transparency and good governance in Cambodia, the meeting adopted an 8-point resolution, calling for relevant stakeholders, particularly the government, to:

  1. Increase transparency in government procurement:

Ensure that procurement decisions and information on all stages of the procurement process be made public in easily accessible formats, including through web portals; enhance state oversight and public monitoring on the services or products delivered by the contractors.

  1. Strengthen anti-money laundering efforts:

Continue to strengthen the operational independence and capacity of the Cambodian Financial Intelligence Unit; Enhance the dissemination of financial intelligence to law enforcement authorities in line with high-risk crimes; Enhance the AML oversight of non-financial sectors in Cambodia, most notably the gambling and real estate industries; and increase awareness among the private sector regarding new obligations concerning targeted financial sanctions related to proliferation financing and enhancing the understanding of sanctions evasion.

  1. Promote public access to information:

Adopt and implement legislation, policies and practices to allow members of the public to obtain information on the organisation, functioning and decision-making process of public administration in Cambodia; enact and implement effective access to information legislation that meets international best standards. This includes publishing information on government budgets, revenue, expenditures, and other relevant data.

  1. Increase public participation:

Engaging citizens in the budget process can help increase transparency and accountability in public financial management. This involves creating opportunities for citizens to participate in budget planning, monitoring, and evaluation.

  1. Strengthen whistleblowers’ protection:

Expand the whistleblower regime with provisions to provide for adequate protection for whistleblowers, in line with international best practice, and anonymous reporting of corruption through clearly defined channels; revise existing sanctions that may deter whistleblowers.

  1. Promote media freedom:

A free press is essential for promoting transparency in the public sector by exposing corrupt practices and holding public officials accountable for their actions. The government should promote media freedom and protect journalists from harassment and intimidation.

  1. Advance integrity in the judiciary:

Ensure that the judiciary is accountable to a completely independent body and that any ethics violations within the judiciary can be reported and are investigated, addressed and sanctioned.

  1. Ensure electoral Integrity:

Free and fair elections are the basis for democratic legitimacy. Elections’ result must fully reflect the will of the voters. It is fundamental to ensure that the integrity and public trust in elections are upheld and all favorable conditions of free and fair elections are provided.

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