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Membership Policy


TI Cambodia is an accredited National Chapter of Transparency International which has headquarters in Berlin, Germany. TI Cambodia’s Bylaw provides basic principles regarding individual and institutional membership. In order for TI Cambodia to become a local social movement in the fight against corruption, it must become a membership based organisation. TI Cambodia will serve as an example by applying democratic principles of accountability, openness, integrity and empowering its members to participate in the strategic decision-making process of TI Cambodia.

Accredited National Chapters account for at least two-thirds of the voting power at Transparency International Annual Membership Meetings. Thus, there is a strong mutual accountability between the Board of Directors of TI and the National Chapters. This necessitates a careful procedure to ensure that National Chapters are, and remain, in compliance with all the basic principles of TI. Similarly, there is a need for a procedure to ensure that Individual Members also at all times comply with all the basic principles of TI.

This “Corporate/Institutional and Individual Membership Policy” aims to:

  • Provide, in the future, a strong ownership of TI Cambodia to its members to make decisions on the leadership and the strategic direction of TI Cambodia. In the first three years of the implementation of this Membership Policy, the Assembly of Members will solely serve in an advisory role with the Board of Directors of TI Cambodia retaining control over the Membership Policy of TI Cambodia. At the end of this transitional period, the Board of Directors will decide as it sees fit.
  • Engage Corporate/Institutional and Individual Members in promoting integrity and reducing corruption in Cambodia; and
  • Strengthen and support the TI Global Anti-Corruption Movement.

General Assembly of Members

Members meet once a year in the form of a General Assembly to provide advice to the Board of Directors through recommendations. Any meeting of the General Assembly requires at least a 2/3 majority of all voting members to be present. The General Assembly adopts the following matters based on at least a 2/3 majority of those members present:

  • Recommendations concerning the By-Law (Statute) of TI Cambodia as proposed by the Board of Directors.
  • Recommendation of up to two candidates to serve as members of the Board of Directors if the Board of Directors later votes positively on them.
  • Recommendations on proposals made by member(s)
  • Recommendations on the overall vision of TI Cambodia.
  • Annual reports of the General Assembly.
  • Recommendations concerning international declarations (i.e., those of the United Nations…etc.) and any other declarations which pertain to the fight against corruption globally, regionally or domestically as proposed by the Board of Directors.
  • Recommendations concerning the amount and types of membership fees as proposed by the Board of Directors.
  • Recommendations concerning any extraordinary matters as proposed by the Board of Directors.

A- Corporate/Institutional Membership

The objective of the Corporate/Institutional Membership is to create an anti-corruption movement of strong, effective and accountable National Chapter which enjoys support from a coalition of corporations from across the sectors. Corporate/Institutional Members are defined as those entities who are members of civil society organisations, private sector, umbrella organizations and the media.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for corporate/institutional membership of the TI Cambodia movement, the entity must:

Be dully registered according to the laws of Cambodia;

  • Demonstrate its determination, diligence and competence to combat corruption in its own entity;
  • Adopt and accept the core values and guiding principles of TI Cambodia and continuously act in accordance with them;
  • Take all necessary steps to prevent and detect corruption within its own entity by adopting and implementing the Anti-Bribery Checklist of TI Cambodia;
  • Adhere to and comply with, a Code of Conduct of TI Cambodia;
  • Have a clean criminal record with regard to any felony, corruption or human rights violation;
  • Be non-partisan to the greatest extent possible.

B- Individual Membership

The objective of appointing Individual Members is for the movement to avail itself of the competence, experience and dedication of individuals of recognized integrity, who acknowledge TI Cambodia and who are committed to the active promotion and realization of TI Cambodia’s goals.

Former members of the Board of Directors become, if they so wish, ex officio members without having to go through the regular assessment process.

Eligibility Criteria

The following individuals are eligible to apply for Individual Membership of TI Cambodia:

  • Be at least 18 years of age at the time of application
  • Have never been convicted of a felony charge or any corruption related charge anywhere in the world unless such charge can be proven as politically motivated
  • Have demonstrated competence, and commitment to combat corruption and promote integrity
  • Have demonstrated ability to comply with TI Cambodia’s policies, code of conducts and Umbrella Statement
  • Have a clean criminal record with regard to any felony, corruption or human rights violation
  • Not be an outspoken political activist for any political party or its leaders
  • Present two recommendations from highly respected figures in the civil society in Cambodia or abroad

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