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Policy Brief: Whistleblower Protection Legislation

Law protecting whistleblower

Policy Brief: Whistleblower Protection Legislation

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Create DateMay 4, 2016
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Whistleblowers play a crucial role in the fight against corruption. In order to encourage them to speak up, legal protection is essential, as has been established in the Anti-Corruption Law Enforcement Strategy in the Rectangular Strategy for Growth, as well as in Article 13 of the Law on Anti-Corruption.

However, the Cambodian Law on Anti-Corruption as it stands might have a deterrent effect on speaking up, as proper protection for whistleblowers that report in good faith is not assured and the threat of imprisonment exists (Article 41). To promote the reporting of corruption, the Royal Government of Cambodia has announced plans to draft a whistleblower protection law. Since the Royal Government of Cambodia has ratified the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), such a law should be in accordance with the specifications of Article 33 on the protection of reporting persons. Specifically, the new law should protect any person reporting corrupt practices, in good faith and on reasonable grounds, from any unjustified treatment.

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