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Success Story Video Producer

Success Story Video Producer

Terms of Reference

Position Title:            Success Story Video Producer (01) (Any interested consultant or Media and Communication                                       Studies Students)

Contract Type:          Consultancy

Report to:                  Citizen and Youth Empowerment Programme Officer

Duty Station:             Phnom Penh Office, Cambodia

Duration:                   3 months

Starting Date:            01 August 2019

1.  Overall Goal:

Increased citizens’/youth’s understanding and knowledge of good governance, integrity, and corruption and its effects on their lives and society.

2.  Objectives:

  • To promote integrity, transparency and anti-corruption through online Transparency TV;
  • To document TI Cambodia youth-led initiatives to inspire citizens and youth to take action against corruption; and
  • To raise public awareness and understanding of concept of civic participation and transparency and accountability in governance processes.

3.  Expected results:

  • Original copy of three to five separate videos are produced and delivered to TI Cambodia within the set timeline.

4.  Overall Responsibilities:

  • Under the  direction  and  guidance  of  Citizen  and  Youth  Empowerment  Programme Officer, produce three separate videos;
  • In charge of scenario writing process via initiatives approved by Programme Officer;
  • Provide strategic advice, suggestion, and support in guiding the scenario writing process;
  • Be responsible for the effective planning of the implementation;
  • Be responsible for all production cost;
  • Contact and work closely with youth groups selected by TI Cambodia for the production Videos (to produce three video (two to three minutes in each video) in Khmer with sub-title in English;
  • Share the first draft of each video to the Programme Officer, and revise as requested;
  • Deliver the revised versions to TI Cambodia within the set timeline; and
  • Perform other tasks related to technical support when necessary in post- production.

5.  Timeline

No Activities Deadline Others
1 Contract signed 10 Aug 2019  
2 Meeting with production house to finalize

storyboard (3-5) and first payment made (50%)

17 Aug 2019  
3 Introduction to youth groups and make appointment for the shooting. 20 Aug 2019  
4 Video shooting completed. 15 Sep 2019  
5 First drafts submitted. 30 Sep 2019  
6 Third video produced, checked by team

and comments for editing (if any)

20 Oct 2019  
7 Final videos produced and ready for published

Final payment made (50%)

30 Oct 2019  

6. Qualification and Experience:

  • Be a recognized production house or individual(s) graduated from or currently enrolled in undergraduate program in any university related to media, communication, and/or arts;
  • Demonstrate interest in citizen and youth empowerment in leadership, civic engagement and good governance;
  • Be creative and inspirational in designing and story writing;
  • Have experience in animation, videography, and story writing in particular with success story;
  • Have a compilation of previous portfolios either in school project or for previous clients;
  • Be very good at communications skills, videography, design and documentary skills;
  • Be fluent in English and Khmer with a proven ability to communicate both verbally and in writing.

To apply for this job email your details to

Apply using webmail: Gmail / AOL / Yahoo / Outlook