Business Integrity Programme and Mining for Sustainable Development Programme

Build coalition among and capacity of the private sector to promote integrity in business.

Building on existing engagement with various chambers of commerce, SMEs and other businesses, the Business Integrity Programme will seek to engage more and more stakeholders to forge an “Integrity Alliance”, provide training on corporate integrity systems and support private companies to ensure they implement them properly and effectively.

Collective Action
Fighting corruption is not an easy task and no one can do it alone. It requires concerted action by businesses, government and civil society. For this reason, we are advocating for Collective Action to take place.

Corporate Integrity System (CIS)
In addition to Integrity Alliance, TI Cambodia will provide private companies with training on the CIS and help them properly implement the system in order to help them take action to stop corrupt practices and limit their exposure to the costs and other risks associated with bribery and corruption.

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